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Adoption Policy/Health Guarantee


Texas Tiny Pigs™ guarantees the health of this animal being adopted; however, if a licensed veterinarian finds the animal to be suffering from a serious birth defect that can not be treated, the buyer will retain a statement from the examining veterinarian describing the animals problem and notify seller immediately. The buyer agrees to take his/her piglet to the vet within (3) days of receiving the animal to insure that the piglet is healthy. These limited warranties cover your piglet only. We are not responsible for any associated charges, such as veterinarian fees for examination, drugs, x-rays or other treatment. To qualify for these limited warranties, you must have your piglet examined by a licensed veterinarian within the allotted time specified on the paperwork that comes with your piglet and provide proof of such via fax or email the same day.
We guarantee against congenital defects found during any veterinarian examination during the lifetime of your Texas Tiny Pig™. You must request a written statement from your veterinarian on office stationary and it must be signed by him/her and emailed or faxed to us immediately for our records stating health risks to include a description of the symptoms supporting his/her opinion to validate this guarantee. This contract does not cover the common cold, upper respiratory infections, diarrhea, mange, parasites, eye and skin infections, salt poisoning, or hypoglycemia. It is the buyers responsibility to look at the piglet with common sense and take the piglet to the vet if a problem occurs.
If you have any questions about the breed as stated on the registration papers, they must be brought to our attention within 24 hours of the date received. After complying herein, the adopter finds any problems or the veterinarian finds the piglet not to be as stated, the adopter may return the animal along with registration and health papers within 72 hours and we will replace the piglet with an equal or lesser value piglet from the next litter. The adopter assumes full responsibility for the health, appearance and temperament of the animal until it is returned. The replacement animal is to be agreeable to both the buyer and the seller. If for some reason the piglet dies, and the buyer feels they deserve a piglet in exchange, an autopsy is required at the buyers expense. The seller will not pay any veterinarian fees whatsoever. All expenditures the buyer might occur to attempt to correct any problems with the piglet during his/her lifespan shall be the responsibility of the buyer and will not be defrayed or reimbursed by the seller in any way.

No piglets will be exchanged for the following reasons: House breaking problems, family disagreements, other pets, zoning, overfeeding, ect.. Miniature pigs are considered livestock and our piglets are being sold as such. It is your responsibility to check with your city ordinances if you live within the city.

We do not guarantee the future breeding ability of this piglet.

 If for some reason it is necessary to send a piglet back, buyer assumes full responsibility of all shipping cost. There is a $300.00 shipping charge to replace a piglet. This cover the airfare, new kennel, vet exam, and registration on the replacement piglet.

All deposits are non-refundable. All items covered under this warranty are by replacement only.

No other guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, are under this contract except as stated above.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us prior to adopting a piglet as all adoptions are final and refunds will not be given once a piglet has been purchased.

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