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Quotes We got our little Jeeves and we couldn't be happier!! He is just such a little doll! Not only is he already litter box trained, but in the past 3 weeks he has learned how to 'sit', 'stand pretty', 'kiss', and 'lay down'. What a smarty pants!! He also gets along great with our 3 dogs and loves to play with them when he's not cuddled up with us! In addition to having an amazing new family member, we couldn't be any happier with our TTP experience! We looked for over a year at mini pigs but never found a breeder with such positive feedback, such a commitment to their babies, and such quick responses to all of our questions! We actually paid for Jeeves on January 29th and TTP got him into the vet and on a plane that very same evening!!! Thanks TTP for everything, we already couldn't imagine our family without Jeeves! Can't wait to come back for another addition to the family in the future!! Quotes
Joe & Ava Coy
Proud Piggy Parents

Quotes Our piggy Boarat has made quite the impression in our family! We are in love!! We have only had him 2 weeks, but he in amazing and so intelligent! He is completely litter box trained and loves attention. My son is a year old and Boarat he great with him!! I would love to get Boarat a friend in the near future! Thanks TTP! Quotes
The Fisher's in MO
We love our little man!

Quotes OMG! We received our micro mini Charlie Bucket and we are so pleased . He was so cute and tiny. The arrival at the airport was so smooth and he has adjusted to fast. Already using the potty, and he wants lots of love. Our whole family is so happy with our Tiny Texas Piggy. I recommend you.give these people your business because they love their babies and are so reasonable compared to other sites I feel are just in it for the money. Thank you everyone at TTP, We LOVE Charlie , The Johnson Family Quotes
Tena Johnson
Piggy lover

Quotes i am so happy because my 10 year old girl was saving and saving and saving and now she gave me 1200.00$ and asked for a texas tiny pig so i could not say no so in 3-6 months we will have a little firend:) Quotes
happy mom

Quotes My sister's boyfriend and I got her a Texas Tiny Pig for Christmas (Scamper)! I was completely shocked with how TINY she was!!! The pictures on the website do not do them justice--she's 5 inches tall! She's still adjusting to us and isn't crazy about us picking her up, but follows us around everywhere. She's the cutest pig ever (maybe I'm biased ;) ) and is so funny! We adore her! Thank you TTP!!! (I will put an updated testimonial up after she's a little older! :) ) Quotes
Sarah Gleaton
Scamper's Auntie

Quotes I have been researching mini pigs for years, and when I found TexasTinyPigs, I knew I would be purchasing my very own mini pig from them! They were so good to answer all my questions, (and believe me I had a TON) haha :) I knew as soon as I seen the picture of Dudley, that he was the one I was going to get! He has been nothing but a joy to me! He is smart and caught on pretty quick to his litter box training. For such a small animal he has a HUGE personality that grows more and more everyday! He has learned three tricks so far which consist of sit, turn a circle, and how to give kisses! He has caught on that everytime he does one of these that he gets a cherrio, so now when I let him out of his pen he automatically turns a circle or comes in for a kiss! :) I couldn't be happy with him and TexasTinyPigs!!!! I would definately suggest them to anyone looking to purchase their own micro-mini pig!!!! :) Quotes
Dudley's mommy :)

Quotes Delilah is now a year and 3 months old and she is a riot. She talks to me and is always running her mouth lol. Her different oinks and honks bring many smiles. She has a punkful personality but is definitely a mommys girls. We love her so much and are always catching her climbing into our bed under my blankets with just a little nose sticking out!! We have so many cute pictures of her. I want to thank you guys for giving me the one pet that brings so much happiness to my life and family's. She's on Facebook where she has many family request and people giving her some loving; my own Nana calls her the grand-piggy. Lol. She is still a cuddle bug laying with me on the couch and thinking she owns the bed (taking over the blankets and pillows at night :) ). Shes so smart pretty much potty trained from day 1 and learns More and more!! ( now shes opening Cabinets and draws, steals things and runs and hides!!) We couldn't be more happy and joyful with Delilah. Quotes
Ashley and Jared
A joyous mamma

Quotes i have wanted a pig for soo so so long now. So i asked Texas Tiny Pigs questions and they were completely honest,so when I went to their website and I saw my pig snuggles i knew he was mine.When I got snuggles (my pig) i was SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE TEXAS TINY PIGS Quotes
Lisa Hurst
beloved piggie owner

Quotes Got my Precious at the end of July and I couldn't be happier with her. I researched pigs online for months upon finding Texas Tiny Pigs I began emailing them SEVERAL questions, all my questions were answered honestly and completely. I studied their breeders and decided I HAD to have a baby from Cotton Hill. When one was available I then asked several more questions about the dam, Sally and again all were answered thoroughly and honestly. I found that I was happy with Sally's disposition and size and began adoption proceedings. I received a healthy piglet and upon taking her to my veterinarian he was impressed with the in depth detail they provided concerning her health and maintenance. I LOVE my Precious, we have bonded in way I never thought possible, she is extremely smart and trainable, learned to use her litter box in NO time at all, has learned tricks, & our daily routine. She loves attention, cuddling, and to shop at Atwoods, where she draws a crowd. Thank you TTP ! Quotes
Precious' Mom, Tif
The perfect pet

Quotes I just wanted to let you know that Winnie is doing great. She has definitely settled in and she is very spoiled. We need to work on that. ;) My daughter absolutely adores her and so does the rest of the family. I took her for her well check. The vet said that she is perfectly healthy. He even complemented y'all saying that you definitely know what your doing. We will visit him again in a few months to have her fixed. Thanks again for such a sweet little piggy. Quotes
Kristy in Tx
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