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Quotes I have dreamed of having a pig my whole life. I was so excited to finally bring Jet Truffles home. He has been everything that I could have ever imagined and more. He is so sweet. He loves to curl up in my lap at night and sleep. He follows us around everywhere we go. We have only had him one week and he has already learned to use the bathroom outside. He loves to play with water bottles and his tennis ball. He is a great sleeper at night. I know that he will bring our family a lot of joy as he grows and continues to learn. I cannot thank TTP enough for our amazing little boy. Quotes
Shannon W
Happy Mom

Quotes I couldn't wait to tell you!!! We bought Maizie. She has been such a great pet. Recently Maizie has decided she is a big girl and no longer needs to use her Litter Box indoors. We take her out and walk her just like our dog. Even without a leash. Amazing I never thought she could be housebroken. What a treasure she is, Brianna just loves her and so does the entire family. Everyday is an adventure!!! Quotes
Rosita Proulx
Delighted Gandma!!!

Quotes I am the proud owner of a TTP. If you are looking at all the breeders and can't decide, look no further. I took some time making my decision and asking questions of several breeders regarding age of the parents, weaning age of the piglets, socialization, etc. and found there is a big difference out there. I think Texas Tiny Pigs has worked the details out to a science. They truly want to make sure they send you a prepared piglet! Your piglet will not be wild, or starved or on a bottle. Yes it will be scared after a flight. But mine was a socialized lap baby when she arrived & was litter trained while inside her pen & no feeding problems at all! We adore our little Lola - she is a joy & I am so glad that I picked Texas Tiny Pigs to get her from. She is 4 months old now, can do some tricks and is harness trained & stands at the door to potty outside - way easier than training a dog. Thank you TTP for having such wonderful pigs & giving them such a great start Quotes
Michelle Ross
Do your research - You will love your TTP!

Quotes My little Trooper June 24. He was my birthday present and he is just the cutest thing. He wasn't the best at using his potty pan at first, but now he has the hang of it. Trooper is an amazing piggy. He follows me, responds to his name, falls asleep with me, and even lets me pick him up. His harness is still a little big for him, but once he is big enough we'll start training him on that. He's a joy to be around and everyone loves him. All 2.4 pounds of him. He truly is a Texas TINY Pig. Thanks a ton you guys. *If you ever plan on getting a pig... don't hesitate to go to TEXAS TINY PIGS* Quotes
Wonderful Piggy

Quotes What a wonderful little girl our Winnie is! She came to us socialized and obviously used to pets and kids. TTP's shipping was very professional and even the water dish was made not to come off her kennel when she rooted at it. It is obvious that they care for their little piggies and even litter box train them. Little Winnie comes running when we call her and loves to "help" with the gardening.....We would never consider getting a pig from anywhere else. Thanks so much! Susan and Ann Quotes
Susan & Ann
Alaska Piggie Family

Quotes My husband and I are the proud owners of little Parsley. We came and picked Parsley up in November of 2010 and automatically fell in love with this little guy! He was already almost completely potty trained, but what few accidents he did have were easily corrected in just a few weeks! I grew up showing hogs, so I knew pigs were smart, but he still amazes us each day! He loves to snuggle. He sleeps with us, of course! His personality is 100 times bigger than he is! My husband and I both have tons of pictures of our "son" on our phones and are quick to show them to anyone even slightly interested! He loves the warm weather that is here now, and just stands at the screen door wanting to go outside! We are blessed to have such a cute little boy! Quotes
Parsley's Proud Mom

Quotes Hello, just alittle update on Tucker. He is still so much fun he is so entertaining.We take him just about everywhere we go the dogs get jealous. They Love him at the bank and Big R store, we go on saterdays and get popcorn. Wouldnt trade him for anything. So glad we found TTP. Thanks again Quotes
Happy Mommy

Quotes I never thought that a pig would make such a good pet. My daughter wanted a TTP for Christmas and I talked my husband into letting me get one for her. Penelope is the perfect pet. She is smart, cooperative and well behaved. I love the fact that she is hypo allergenic and doesn't shed. My daughter has allergies to pet hair, but not Penelope. She loves to cuddle and be held. She gets along so well with our two dogs Lilly and Daisy, she loves to play tag with them and she lays next the Daisy with supervision of course. Daisy just adores her. I don't know when but another pig is definitely in our future. Thanks so much TTP, Kari Mankus Quotes
Kari Mankus
I love with my pig

Quotes We are so in love with our little Gus! We could not have found a pig that was any sweeter or smarter if we tried. He definitely exceeded all our expectations! Gus came to us healthy, socialized, and litter trained. There is no question that Texas Tiny Pigs is more than just breeder; they truly care about producing loving, quality pet pigs that will bring joy to the families that adopt them. The time and training they put into these pigs is obvious from the moment they step out of their crate for the first time. I would, without hesitation, recommend Texas Tiny Pigs to anyone looking for the perfect pet pig. Quotes
Delighted Pig Mom

Quotes We have had Tulip for about 2 weeks now and she is such a joy! She liked to scream allot when we first got her but now she is turning into a cuddle-bug! I have been harness training her for 2 days now and she already walks right along with you! We live in the country so I take her outside in the front yard and let her off her leash and she just stays right with you. I usually run from her and she catches right up to me. When you talk to her her little tail goes a million miles an hour! When we take her to the chair we usually feed her in she'll root on your hand for hours! Texas Tiny Pigs were so helpful to me whenever I had a question! I am so excited that she is home and adjusting very well to our family! Thank You so much! Quotes
Poppy Small
Mom of Tulip!
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