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Quotes We have had our little pig Jimmy Dean now for almost 2 weeks and he is just awesome! It is amazing that he was litter box trained when he arrived! He loves his food especially his veggies! He goes nuts as soon as my husband enters the room. He has literally stopped traffic out front when he has been practicing his harness walking. Everyone says the same thing "Is that a pig?" Everyone thinks he is just the cutest thing ever! We love him very much & send lots of thanks to TTP & to Savannah for answering our endless questions & always sounding so happy to do it even when I have forgotten the time difference & woke her up once.! Anyone who is thinking of getting a pig shouldn't go to anyone but TTP! Quotes
Kim & Jeff
Happy in NY

Quotes We got our Rudy about nine months ago, and he is the best pet I have ever owned, and I've owned a lot. He's my constant companion when Hans goes to work. All he wants to do is eat and snuggle! He goes everywhere with me and along the way his fan club keeps growing. He was potty trained from day one and still uses his litter box or goes outside. He's always doing something new everyday to make us laugh. He is still less than 20 pounds and everyday he "spins" for his food. He gets along great with all the other large dogs and even enjoys grazing with our horse he buddied up to. We couldn't be more satisfied customers of TTP and so now we cant wait to see the next piglet we are getting soon to join Rudy :) Quotes
Hans and Morgan

Quotes Well we have had Tucker for over a month now hes pretty much potty trained to go outside with the dogs. Our 1 heerler plays with him all the time but the other one doesnt care. He has been to the bank twice, pet smart and had big day yesterday at BigR shoppin. Hes growin like a weed. Were still learnin the word no. But everyone loves him and we are so glad we have him. If you have had a bad day come home and he makes you always laugh. thanks again TTP. Quotes

Quotes We got Clooney right before Christmas because I've wanted a pet pig for 15 yrs! After alot of research I told my hubby if he got me a pig it HAD to be from Texas Tiny Pigs ONLY. I got my little guy and couldn't be any happier! He's so good with my 2 little girls, always cuddling, chasing, and playing with them. I couldn't imagine our lives without him! Thank you again so much! Quotes

Quotes About a month ago I recived my rare hairless piggy. She is a female and is about 17 weeks now. Her name is Love-Bug. I have decided to name her this because she is just that....a love-bug! She is the best pet I have had. She is soooo clean. We have learned that she likes paper but we are trying to tell her not to eat paper. She was shipped to s when Texas Tiny Pigs said they would. She is doing great! She is not a big fan of going for a walk but she is getting use to it. Thank you Texas Tiny Pigs! Quotes
Jordan Traphagen
Satisfied Mom

Quotes It's now been 1 month since we got Sammy H Pig.She is the cutest tiniest thing ever.It took her awhile to warm up to us but she's finally coming around. She's learned how to sit,turn both way,come and bow.She's now started going for walks and we go a little further everyday.We love all the snorts she's makes and when she smacks her lips when she's eating.She like's to cuddle on the bed with us and sometimes tries to jump onto the bed,even though it's way to high for her.When people ask where I got her I make sure to tell them from the wonderful people at Texas tiny pigs. Thank you so much for giving me my precious little piggy.In the future I'd like to get another one to keep her company. Quotes
Krystin Braverman

Quotes We got our little Hammy a few weeks ago. He's a wonderful addition to the family! He's finally 100% comfortable and so sweet. He loves to snuggle and play with me and my daughter. I'm very glad that I found this website and that I found Hamlet. Thank you guys so much! I look forward to adopting another buddy in the future!!! Quotes
Happy Mommy

Quotes We have had our sweet little girl piggie for about a month now. She sure did not like to use her litter box by itself only in her Kennel. So, we taught her to use the doggy door. She picked this up real quick and goes out with the dogs. It is so cute! I think she thinks she is a dog. She trys to jump up on the couch & even scratches at our legs when she wants up.At bed time we give her a couple of Cherrios which she goes into her kennal, eats the Cherrios & sleeps all night. She loves to investigate everything when on the floor. But as soon as we pick her up, she loves to cuddle either in or under our arms with her head covered.At times even walking up our chest & laying on our shoulders or back of our neck.Little Bella-T is such a joy. We love her & are very happy with her. Ray & Ruby Powell proud parents of Bella-T Quotes
Ruby Powell

Quotes Well its been a week and a half sense we got Tucker. OMG he is so much fun, we are so glad we found Texas Tiny Pigs to get him from. Ive been telling everyone.He is such a hoot and a nice addition to our family. We cant have kids so he is our new baby,along with our other animals. Thanks again will update later. Quotes

Quotes We are so happy with our piglet Jasper! He is a joy and certainly has a personality all his own, and he's not afraid to remind you of it. The breeders here at Texas Tiny Pigs had no problem answering my millions of questions and were insanely helpfull. Whenever I am out with our little spotted boy and someone asks where we got him, I make sure to tell them it was here at TTP. I appreciate all the work that goes into breeding these amazing piglets and definently want to keep up the breed standard. Thank you so much for our baby Texas Tiny Pigs. He is a great and wonderful addition to our family. Quotes
The Wagner Family
Great Little Piggies
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