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Quotes We got Edgar almost a month ago, and he is the funniest and sweetest pet you could ever imagine. My babies love him, and he follows us all over the house. He has very few accidents, and they only happen when he's busy playing with my two year old and gets too far away from the litter box. He even gives my 6 month old son kisses! :) Thank you Texas Tiny Pigs for a beautiful, social, healthy baby pig. I can guarantee we'll be back to get a buddy for Edgar within the next few years. Quotes
Happy Pig Mommy

Quotes I recieved Nelly about 2 weeks ago and she is such a joy!! her own personality is starting to show and she is very social with everyone she follows me everywhere around the house and we are working on mastering the stairs. Thank you so much for everything! Quotes
happy piggy mommy!!

Quotes Thank you texas tiny pigs for making my daughter's dream come true for christmas. We recieved Buggs 3 days ago and he has been nothing but a loving little cuddle bug! My husband was not so sure about all of this, but has already fell in love with buggs and it has already made our christmas that much brighter. Thanks for litterbox training the little guy. Thank you again texas tiny pigs for being so easy to work with and delivering our family with such an awesome pet!! Merry Christmas! Angie Quotes
Bugg's New Mom
I love my new piglet!

Quotes We got Beans a week ago. He is an absolute JOY!!! I can't say enough good things about Texas Tiny Pigs. Really if you are thinking about getting a Tiny Pig, this is the place to get one. They are there to answer all your questions, no matter how silly. And after reading the free piggy give away e-mails, I am blown away at what a good breeder we found. Thank you SOOOOO much Texas Tiny Pigs, you really are the best. Quotes
Christina McMenamy

Quotes Tater Tot is our little guy that is just so sweet and smart. My husband was dead set against a getting a piggie but he fell in love with Tater immediately!! On day 3 we taught him several tricks and he gives us "sugar" and even talks to us!! These women at TTP love all of their babies. I was so impressed at where the breeders reside and greeted us with all of their own personalites. We will be back with TTP for our next piggie!! Quotes
Happy Piggie Family

Quotes I wrote about Tilly awhile back, but wanted to send an update. She is completly housebroken, she was using and litter box at first and now goes completly outside. We got her harness trained so that we can take her to our beach house and we can take her potty there and who knows maybe a walk on the beach...(don't see to many pigs on the beach). She still does not like to be held but follows us everywhere, she's always underfoot. She is like having a 2 year old..if she's too quite she's probably up to something, in fact she's untying my shoes right now. We love her and would love to get her a tiny buddy in the future. Quotes
Kim Schaper
Tillys Mom

Quotes I wrote a testimonial about a month and a half ago when I got Ziggy the piggy, but I wanted to do another one now that he has been with us for a little while. He is so sweet, lovable and great with my kids (2 & 5). He is completely house-trained and very quiet. He is very playful & yet very cuddly! Ziggy is the best pet I've ever had (and I've had A LOT of pets)! Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE my cats, dogs & ferrets, but my husband and I joke that we're now "pig people" instead of "dog people" or "cat people"! When we are ready to bring another member into our family, it will definitely be another Texas Ting Pig! Quotes
Alison Eitzmann
Still 100% Happy!!!

Quotes We recieved our piggy (Delilah) last night and were so excited. After taking her home she has been nothing but a cuddle bug since. We also have an11 year old boxer (Hera) and Delilah has had a blast following her around. We were nervous about the potty training but delilah has had no problems; she has had no accidents. The first time we brought her outside she followed Hera around the yard and went to the bathroom right along side of her. She has done the same each time so far. She is very delightful and has drawn much attention from the people in our neighborhood who all find her adorable. She is an amazing addition to our family and we abosolutely lover her to death already. She is so well behaved, being soo friendly and cuddly. She comes when we call her name and seems to enjoy lounging out on the pillows on our couch. We showed her how to climb up on the couch using a blanket as a ramp and has done it on her own every time since. She is a happy little oinking pig. Thank you!! Quotes
Ashley and Jared
Happy New Parents

Quotes We have had Tilly for 9 days now... She is totally litter box trained and we are working on her going outdoor to potty. I was surprised at how easily she went in her litter box, we have a 6 yr old male potbelly and we could never get him potty trained. She is really little and hilarious.. she loves to play with toys and chases our 5 yr old daughter around everywhere with her tail constantly wagging. We have taught her to give kisses and are working on sit... she still doesn't like to be held but she is becoming more friendly... Quotes
Kim Schaper
Piggy Mom

Quotes Rooty is amazing and such a blessing. We had the opportunity to actually visit the farm in Texas while passing through and were very satisfied with what we saw. The pigs were happy, healthy, and most importantly, friendly. When Rooty arrived he was just perfect. He uses a "potty pad" and goes outdoors and has yet to have an "accident" inside. He likes people and is getting use to our other pets. He is easily entertained and is really the best little thing ever. Quotes
Cassandra C
Rooty is the BEST!
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