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Quotes Just wanted to say I appreciated reading your hit back at the folks trying to discredit you. It makes me all the more willing to purchase from you. I have written previously to ask if I could visit your home/facility to see the parents of the piglets and overall operations to ensure the micro pigs were raised in a loving and healthy environment. Ashleigh responded with a resounding "Yes!". This is exactly what I wanted to hear and you can be sure my piggy purchases will be with you. I encourage anyone else to read carefully what Texas Tiny PIgs offers that no one else has the courage to. If it appears prices are a little higher than other breeders - no one can put a price on health and human bonding. Thanks for being there, I look forward to my visit to your home in the very near future. Quotes

Quotes Thank you so much for the new piglet that I got from you. I was so pleased to see all of your adult pigs and the conditions they are kept in. Who could of thought that so many pigs in the house would be so clean! I love the baby I got from you. He is so tiny and i could not have asked for a better piglet. He came into his new home and used his litterbox immediately! He is soooo tiny too! Thank u! Thank u! Thank u for our new baby! Quotes
Karen Johnson
Very satisfied customer

Quotes If you are doing research and are wondering if these are true mini pigs don't think twice because they are. Their pictures do them no justice I went to pick my two babies up and they are so much smaller then the pictures make them look and so cute. I am so pleased with the babies but most of all the support and help given by the breeders. They are always there to help even with the simple questions and they are honest unlike the last breeder I bought from. Thank you so much Texas Tiny Pigs I finally got a true tiny tiny pig. Quotes
The Pogue Family
Very Happy Customer

Quotes Never expected to have such and easy time with our piggy. Transportation worked out great. We got a healthy and happy pig. Hasn't had an accident in the house, goes out and uses the bathroom everytime. Harness training well. She is so much fun and so funny. So much more than we expected. Thanks so much!!!!!! Quotes
Anne Fulcher
Super Happy Customer

Quotes we've had our pam a month now we love her soooo much .we've taught her to sit and sit up.she is really funny and fun. thank you for our little girl. we could not be happier. Quotes
paul and jill schmader
our pig pam

Quotes Thank you so much for Daisy. She is a wonderful girl and has trained so easy. Thanks for being there for questions I had before and after I received her. Will return to buy another and will refer yall to all my friends and family. Quotes
Christie Addison
proud mama

Quotes you have made one of my biggest childhood dreams come true! i saw pics of my baby girl chayenne,but was shocked to see such a beautiful baby.she made our family soooo happy ,i want to thank you ladies for all the special help you gave me.you guys are special and i am so pleased i will definiteley keep in touch-you have such a gift and i'm thankful that our family gets to share in it.we are nervous because she's tiny-but we know your always there-so THANKYOU-----THE HARMAN FAMILY Quotes
jenny harman
dream come true

Quotes I have purchased a few of the Texas Tiny Pigs for my breeding program and could not be happier. They are turning out to be tiny and darling. Everything they told me has been right on spot. They are honest and more then happy to do whatever it takes to make getting a healthy, happy little piglet to you. I am so glad to be able to say that I have brought Texas Tiny Pigs into my breeding program. Quality is what I strive for and with the size, colors and temperment of her piglets I can only say that quality is what I have gotten. Quotes
Breeder who is totally satisfied

Quotes Texas Tiny Pigs was very prompt in their responses to me - even though they felt them to be delayed and they were always patient and took time to answer my questions and concerns. And the little piglet I have is of course the cutest and sweetest of all, which I imagine all of the new owners will think when they get one of these little ones. Quotes

Quotes Texas Tiny Pigs is more than just a business,i have not recieved my baby girl yet,but these people put their heart into raising these piggies .they reassure me that I will have a healthy baby & that they will be here if i need anything,and trust me I must contact them daily and they reply very kindly.I am already satisfied. thank you ladies Quotes
jenny harman
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