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Payment plans.. How do they work?

The following policies will are effective.

You are welcome to put yourself on our payment plan at anytime.

This will help serve you faster and more efficiently with less wait time for the purchase of a piglet to take place.

You can make as many or as few payments as needed to reach the minimum adoption fee of a piglet (Avg. Adoption Price is $900). Once that price has been satisfied, we will send out notifications of the piglets that are available before they are posted to the website. At that time, you'll have twenty four (24) hours to pick out your piglet.

Only those who have reached the minimum adoption fee of $900 will be notified via email of new piglets in the order that their adoption goal was met.

Piglets will not be posted to the 'Available Piggies' page until they are weaned and ready to go. If you are currently on our payment plan and see a piglet you would like to adopt on our website, you may apply current funds towards the piglet, but the piglet will have to be paid for in full within 72 hours of placing the piglet on hold.

Please note that all payments made towards a piglet are non refundable. Please check your local or city ordinances regarding ownership of a miniature pig and discuss adoption with all family members involved before committing to the adoption of a piglet. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. 
We do not accept checks for any form of payment & no piglet will leave here until they are paid for in full.

Payments can be made at the bottom of this page. 3% has been added to cover paypal fees. Please send us an email once you have made your initial payment so that we can verify your information.

We consider our piglets "miniature livestock" and most cities do as well. Please check all your city ordinances before submitting payment it you live within the city limits.

Payment Options
Payment Options

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