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When shipping a piggy, we make all the travel arrangements. The piglets are shipped to your nearest major airport.. FREE of charge!

All you have to do is pick your new addition up from the airport! 

We primarily use Continental Airlines to ship the piglets. If we can't make connections using Continental, we then ship with American Airlines. The piglets are shipped in an airline-approved crate with food, water and documents reguarding the care of your new piglet.

Both airlines ship using same-day shipping that is safe and secure for the piggies. Both airlines offer priority shipping. The piglets do travel in the cargo area, however, it is pressurized and at the same temperature and filtered air as the passengers breathe. Having shipped piglets for many years, we have never had a negative incident. We have purchased animals for our own use and had them shipped in, and were always very pleased with the condition & attention they received while in the care of the airlines.

When sent priority, your piglet doesn't have as much "sitting around" time while waiting for processing. They are guaranteed to be taken immediately off the plane with no long holding periods before, during or after the flight. They are hand delivered to each counter. We do not sedate the piglets before travel as it is not recommended by our veterinarian. The reason why is because if there was turbulence the piglet might be injured because he was unable to brace himself against sudden movement.

Most families report that the piglet was made available to them between 15 to 30 minutes from the time the plane arrived. When your piggy arrives, he may be picked up in the cargo pickup area or, if shipped priority, picked up at the priority parcel office of the airport, which is generally in the baggage claim area. The airlines usually require some form of identification before they will release the piglet to the new owner. After you pick up your piglet and have returned home, we would ask that you call us to let us know how the piggy is doing.

It must be at least 35 degrees above (F) but not hotter than 85 degrees at any point in their trip to their new home with American Airlines, but we can ship during any temperatures with Continental Airlines.

We make all the shipping arrangements. We search for the shortest available flight. We try to make the arrangements 72hrs in advance, if possible. We will email the flight arrival information (airline, day of shipment, flight number, air bill number and time of arrival) as soon as they have been confirmed to us by the airline. Flight time and numbers are subject to change without notice. If they do, we will call you immediately after the piggy has been put on the flight with the changes and all information you will need to pick up your piglet.

Included with shipment of each piggy is its certified health certificate, health guarantee, care packet & other important information reguarding your piglet's care.

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