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Thank you so much for Oliver. The last three days with him have been a joy for our family. He is such a sweet piglet and it is very evident how much he was loved and cared for before coming to us. He hardly squeals and is very comfortable being picked up. Anytime we sit near him he is in our lap within minutes. He is doing wonderful with his letterbox. He loves to play with toys, especially the stacking cups. We were very nervous about finding a reputable breeder and after meeting Oliver we are confident that we found the best breeder of a micro pig! Thank You!

Moreau Family

We are so in LOVE with our little piglet, he was a little older when we got him (4 months) and we weren't sure how easy it would be to train him. All worries aside he has been a breeze, we did got thru the litter box training with a little trouble only because he hated the kitty litter and the pine shavings on a whim I bought puppy pee pads no more trouble and so easy to clean up after. He lets us know when it's time for him to go to bed with his pillow and 2 blankets. We tried to follow TTP's suggestions on every thing we have done for him and they have been dead on, thank you. We couldn't love him more and he took over my husbands recliner, what better way to get him out of it. Lol The people at TTP are great and anything you need to know is either on their web site or call them, they are great. Oh we did change his name from Angus to Bacon.

Jason, Endya, Trent, Layton & Desi Owen

In Love

As I type this my little Seymour is sound asleep on my lap, snoring away!! He is the funniest lil guy. He jumps around, rolls over, he does tricks. He is smart and very loving. TTP is awesome. I still have questions and they always take my call and guide me. He is about 7.8lbs now. He is doing great. I even found him head first snooping in my pocketbook, typical kid... he just has four legs! All seriousness if you want a pet, that plays, cuddles, is the 3rd smartest animal in the world and are beautiful get a pig here at TTP! They wont stear you wrong!!! We love Seymour and hope to someday gte him a friend!! Seymour's loving mommy

Anne Marie Kramer

Seymour's momma

We received Holly in time for Christmas and can't imagine life without her now. TTP have the most amazing piglets, Holly went for her vet check and weighed 2.9 lbs - she's a tiny baby! So smart and loving, she snuggles and loves her belly scratched oh and of course Cherrios :) she was not even hesitant around our three dogs and two cats everyone gets along wonderful. I would recommend TTP to anyone considering a precious baby pig. They also call so quickly with any problems you may have, for example poor Holly was wormed and had an upset stomach TTP were so fast calling and helping with advise -thank you TTP!!!


Holly's Mom

We received Holly in time for Christmas and can't imagine life without her now. TTP have the most amazing piglets, Holly went for her vet check and weighed 2.9 lbs - she's a tiny baby! So smart and loving, she snuggles and loves her belly scratched oh and of course Cherrios :) she was not even hesitant around our three dogs and two cats everyone gets along wonderful. I would recommend TTP to anyone considering a precious baby pig. They also call so quickly with any problems you may have, for example poor Holly was wormed and had an upset stomach TTP were so fast calling and helping with advise -thank you TTP!!!


Holly's Mom

Jacopo turned a year old last week and I just can't believe that it has been so long since this little guy became the sunshine in my day. Texas Tiny Pigs definitely knows what they?re doing when it comes to breeding the tiniest, cutest, smartest, and most well-behaved pet pigs. From his baby stage, through his ?teenager phase,? to his (near) adulthood, Jacopo is a dream come true for our little family. Thanks TTP for our blessing!!


Piggy Mama

Since i was 6 i have wanted a pig! My Seymour came to us last week and we just love him! He is super smart very playful and a major cuddle bug!! Texas tiny has been so good to us. I call them for everything and theu reassure me as well as educate me on how and what to do to ensure oir seymour is being trained properly and responding correctly! Ive had a great experience and recommend them to everyone!!! Seymour is gorgeous and we just love him so much! Thanks TTP!!!



We love our little Ben so much! He is 3 months old now and he is our little sunshine. TTP has the best babies;} I would like to see a picture of his mom Doodles on the website or email a picture to me. The "Breeders" page needs to be updated so we can see both parents of the piggies. Thanks for breeding such a great little guy for us!

Shannon Vellines

Benjamin's mon

I received my baby piglet 2 months ago and I have never been happier. He is so smart. He is so friendly. and most importantly he is so small. He has not even hit the 7lbs mark yet! He loves to play outside, which is hilarious! I have never made a better decision than to buy my piglet from Texas Tiny Pigs!

Clare Messick

Odin is the BEST!

We are so happy Bentley came into our lives, he fits in well and has been going potty outside. He goes for his well check this week! He loves to be held and has his belly rubbed!

Danielle Gilbert

Happy Family

We got our little Jeeves and we couldn't be happier!! He is just such a little doll! Not only is he already litter box trained, but in the past 3 weeks he has learned how to 'sit', 'stand pretty', 'kiss', and 'lay down'. What a smarty pants!! He also gets along great with our 3 dogs and loves to play with them when he's not cuddled up with us! In addition to having an amazing new family member, we couldn't be any happier with our TTP experience! We looked for over a year at mini pigs but never found a breeder with such positive feedback, such a commitment to their babies, and such quick responses to all of our questions! We actually paid for Jeeves on January 29th and TTP got him into the vet and on a plane that very same evening!!! Thanks TTP for everything, we already couldn't imagine our family without Jeeves! Can't wait to come back for another addition to the family in the future!!

Joe & Ava Coy

Proud Piggy Parents

Our piggy Boarat has made quite the impression in our family! We are in love!! We have only had him 2 weeks, but he in amazing and so intelligent! He is completely litter box trained and loves attention. My son is a year old and Boarat he great with him!! I would love to get Boarat a friend in the near future! Thanks TTP!

The Fisher's in MO

We love our little man!

OMG! We received our micro mini Charlie Bucket and we are so pleased . He was so cute and tiny. The arrival at the airport was so smooth and he has adjusted to fast. Already using the potty, and he wants lots of love. Our whole family is so happy with our Tiny Texas Piggy. I recommend you.give these people your business because they love their babies and are so reasonable compared to other sites I feel are just in it for the money. Thank you everyone at TTP, We LOVE Charlie , The Johnson Family

Tena Johnson

Piggy lover

i am so happy because my 10 year old girl was saving and saving and saving and now she gave me 1200.00$ and asked for a texas tiny pig so i could not say no so in 3-6 months we will have a little firend:)


happy mom

My sister's boyfriend and I got her a Texas Tiny Pig for Christmas (Scamper)! I was completely shocked with how TINY she was!!! The pictures on the website do not do them justice--she's 5 inches tall! She's still adjusting to us and isn't crazy about us picking her up, but follows us around everywhere. She's the cutest pig ever (maybe I'm biased ;) ) and is so funny! We adore her! Thank you TTP!!! (I will put an updated testimonial up after she's a little older! :) )

Sarah Gleaton

Scamper's Auntie

I have been researching mini pigs for years, and when I found TexasTinyPigs, I knew I would be purchasing my very own mini pig from them! They were so good to answer all my questions, (and believe me I had a TON) haha :) I knew as soon as I seen the picture of Dudley, that he was the one I was going to get! He has been nothing but a joy to me! He is smart and caught on pretty quick to his litter box training. For such a small animal he has a HUGE personality that grows more and more everyday! He has learned three tricks so far which consist of sit, turn a circle, and how to give kisses! He has caught on that everytime he does one of these that he gets a cherrio, so now when I let him out of his pen he automatically turns a circle or comes in for a kiss! :) I couldn't be happy with him and TexasTinyPigs!!!! I would definately suggest them to anyone looking to purchase their own micro-mini pig!!!! :)


Dudley's mommy :)

Delilah is now a year and 3 months old and she is a riot. She talks to me and is always running her mouth lol. Her different oinks and honks bring many smiles. She has a punkful personality but is definitely a mommys girls. We love her so much and are always catching her climbing into our bed under my blankets with just a little nose sticking out!! We have so many cute pictures of her. I want to thank you guys for giving me the one pet that brings so much happiness to my life and family's. She's on Facebook where she has many family request and people giving her some loving; my own Nana calls her the grand-piggy. Lol. She is still a cuddle bug laying with me on the couch and thinking she owns the bed (taking over the blankets and pillows at night :) ). Shes so smart pretty much potty trained from day 1 and learns More and more!! ( now shes opening Cabinets and draws, steals things and runs and hides!!) We couldn't be more happy and joyful with Delilah.

Ashley and Jared

A joyous mamma

i have wanted a pig for soo so so long now. So i asked Texas Tiny Pigs questions and they were completely honest,so when I went to their website and I saw my pig snuggles i knew he was mine.When I got snuggles (my pig) i was SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE TEXAS TINY PIGS

Lisa Hurst

beloved piggie owner

Got my Precious at the end of July and I couldn't be happier with her. I researched pigs online for months upon finding Texas Tiny Pigs I began emailing them SEVERAL questions, all my questions were answered honestly and completely. I studied their breeders and decided I HAD to have a baby from Cotton Hill. When one was available I then asked several more questions about the dam, Sally and again all were answered thoroughly and honestly. I found that I was happy with Sally's disposition and size and began adoption proceedings. I received a healthy piglet and upon taking her to my veterinarian he was impressed with the in depth detail they provided concerning her health and maintenance. I LOVE my Precious, we have bonded in way I never thought possible, she is extremely smart and trainable, learned to use her litter box in NO time at all, has learned tricks, & our daily routine. She loves attention, cuddling, and to shop at Atwoods, where she draws a crowd. Thank you TTP !

Precious' Mom, Tif

The perfect pet

I just wanted to let you know that Winnie is doing great. She has definitely settled in and she is very spoiled. We need to work on that. ;) My daughter absolutely adores her and so does the rest of the family. I took her for her well check. The vet said that she is perfectly healthy. He even complemented y'all saying that you definitely know what your doing. We will visit him again in a few months to have her fixed. Thanks again for such a sweet little piggy.

Kristy in Tx

I have dreamed of having a pig my whole life. I was so excited to finally bring Jet Truffles home. He has been everything that I could have ever imagined and more. He is so sweet. He loves to curl up in my lap at night and sleep. He follows us around everywhere we go. We have only had him one week and he has already learned to use the bathroom outside. He loves to play with water bottles and his tennis ball. He is a great sleeper at night. I know that he will bring our family a lot of joy as he grows and continues to learn. I cannot thank TTP enough for our amazing little boy.

Shannon W

Happy Mom

I couldn't wait to tell you!!! We bought Maizie. She has been such a great pet. Recently Maizie has decided she is a big girl and no longer needs to use her Litter Box indoors. We take her out and walk her just like our dog. Even without a leash. Amazing I never thought she could be housebroken. What a treasure she is, Brianna just loves her and so does the entire family. Everyday is an adventure!!!

Rosita Proulx

Delighted Gandma!!!

I am the proud owner of a TTP. If you are looking at all the breeders and can't decide, look no further. I took some time making my decision and asking questions of several breeders regarding age of the parents, weaning age of the piglets, socialization, etc. and found there is a big difference out there. I think Texas Tiny Pigs has worked the details out to a science. They truly want to make sure they send you a prepared piglet! Your piglet will not be wild, or starved or on a bottle. Yes it will be scared after a flight. But mine was a socialized lap baby when she arrived & was litter trained while inside her pen & no feeding problems at all! We adore our little Lola - she is a joy & I am so glad that I picked Texas Tiny Pigs to get her from. She is 4 months old now, can do some tricks and is harness trained & stands at the door to potty outside - way easier than training a dog. Thank you TTP for having such wonderful pigs & giving them such a great start

Michelle Ross

Do your research - You will love your TTP!

My little Trooper June 24. He was my birthday present and he is just the cutest thing. He wasn't the best at using his potty pan at first, but now he has the hang of it. Trooper is an amazing piggy. He follows me, responds to his name, falls asleep with me, and even lets me pick him up. His harness is still a little big for him, but once he is big enough we'll start training him on that. He's a joy to be around and everyone loves him. All 2.4 pounds of him. He truly is a Texas TINY Pig. Thanks a ton you guys. *If you ever plan on getting a pig... don't hesitate to go to TEXAS TINY PIGS*


Wonderful Piggy

What a wonderful little girl our Winnie is! She came to us socialized and obviously used to pets and kids. TTP's shipping was very professional and even the water dish was made not to come off her kennel when she rooted at it. It is obvious that they care for their little piggies and even litter box train them. Little Winnie comes running when we call her and loves to "help" with the gardening.....We would never consider getting a pig from anywhere else. Thanks so much! Susan and Ann

Susan & Ann

Alaska Piggie Family

My husband and I are the proud owners of little Parsley. We came and picked Parsley up in November of 2010 and automatically fell in love with this little guy! He was already almost completely potty trained, but what few accidents he did have were easily corrected in just a few weeks! I grew up showing hogs, so I knew pigs were smart, but he still amazes us each day! He loves to snuggle. He sleeps with us, of course! His personality is 100 times bigger than he is! My husband and I both have tons of pictures of our "son" on our phones and are quick to show them to anyone even slightly interested! He loves the warm weather that is here now, and just stands at the screen door wanting to go outside! We are blessed to have such a cute little boy!


Parsley's Proud Mom

Hello, just alittle update on Tucker. He is still so much fun he is so entertaining.We take him just about everywhere we go the dogs get jealous. They Love him at the bank and Big R store, we go on saterdays and get popcorn. Wouldnt trade him for anything. So glad we found TTP. Thanks again


Happy Mommy

I never thought that a pig would make such a good pet. My daughter wanted a TTP for Christmas and I talked my husband into letting me get one for her. Penelope is the perfect pet. She is smart, cooperative and well behaved. I love the fact that she is hypo allergenic and doesn't shed. My daughter has allergies to pet hair, but not Penelope. She loves to cuddle and be held. She gets along so well with our two dogs Lilly and Daisy, she loves to play tag with them and she lays next the Daisy with supervision of course. Daisy just adores her. I don't know when but another pig is definitely in our future. Thanks so much TTP, Kari Mankus

Kari Mankus

I love with my pig

We are so in love with our little Gus! We could not have found a pig that was any sweeter or smarter if we tried. He definitely exceeded all our expectations! Gus came to us healthy, socialized, and litter trained. There is no question that Texas Tiny Pigs is more than just breeder; they truly care about producing loving, quality pet pigs that will bring joy to the families that adopt them. The time and training they put into these pigs is obvious from the moment they step out of their crate for the first time. I would, without hesitation, recommend Texas Tiny Pigs to anyone looking for the perfect pet pig.


Delighted Pig Mom

We have had Tulip for about 2 weeks now and she is such a joy! She liked to scream allot when we first got her but now she is turning into a cuddle-bug! I have been harness training her for 2 days now and she already walks right along with you! We live in the country so I take her outside in the front yard and let her off her leash and she just stays right with you. I usually run from her and she catches right up to me. When you talk to her her little tail goes a million miles an hour! When we take her to the chair we usually feed her in she'll root on your hand for hours! Texas Tiny Pigs were so helpful to me whenever I had a question! I am so excited that she is home and adjusting very well to our family! Thank You so much!

Poppy Small

Mom of Tulip!

We have had our little pig Jimmy Dean now for almost 2 weeks and he is just awesome! It is amazing that he was litter box trained when he arrived! He loves his food especially his veggies! He goes nuts as soon as my husband enters the room. He has literally stopped traffic out front when he has been practicing his harness walking. Everyone says the same thing "Is that a pig?" Everyone thinks he is just the cutest thing ever! We love him very much & send lots of thanks to TTP & to Savannah for answering our endless questions & always sounding so happy to do it even when I have forgotten the time difference & woke her up once.! Anyone who is thinking of getting a pig shouldn't go to anyone but TTP!

Kim & Jeff

Happy in NY

We got our Rudy about nine months ago, and he is the best pet I have ever owned, and I've owned a lot. He's my constant companion when Hans goes to work. All he wants to do is eat and snuggle! He goes everywhere with me and along the way his fan club keeps growing. He was potty trained from day one and still uses his litter box or goes outside. He's always doing something new everyday to make us laugh. He is still less than 20 pounds and everyday he "spins" for his food. He gets along great with all the other large dogs and even enjoys grazing with our horse he buddied up to. We couldn't be more satisfied customers of TTP and so now we cant wait to see the next piglet we are getting soon to join Rudy :)

Hans and Morgan

Well we have had Tucker for over a month now hes pretty much potty trained to go outside with the dogs. Our 1 heerler plays with him all the time but the other one doesnt care. He has been to the bank twice, pet smart and had big day yesterday at BigR shoppin. Hes growin like a weed. Were still learnin the word no. But everyone loves him and we are so glad we have him. If you have had a bad day come home and he makes you always laugh. thanks again TTP.



We got Clooney right before Christmas because I've wanted a pet pig for 15 yrs! After alot of research I told my hubby if he got me a pig it HAD to be from Texas Tiny Pigs ONLY. I got my little guy and couldn't be any happier! He's so good with my 2 little girls, always cuddling, chasing, and playing with them. I couldn't imagine our lives without him! Thank you again so much!


About a month ago I recived my rare hairless piggy. She is a female and is about 17 weeks now. Her name is Love-Bug. I have decided to name her this because she is just that....a love-bug! She is the best pet I have had. She is soooo clean. We have learned that she likes paper but we are trying to tell her not to eat paper. She was shipped to s when Texas Tiny Pigs said they would. She is doing great! She is not a big fan of going for a walk but she is getting use to it. Thank you Texas Tiny Pigs!

Jordan Traphagen

Satisfied Mom

It's now been 1 month since we got Sammy H Pig.She is the cutest tiniest thing ever.It took her awhile to warm up to us but she's finally coming around. She's learned how to sit,turn both way,come and bow.She's now started going for walks and we go a little further everyday.We love all the snorts she's makes and when she smacks her lips when she's eating.She like's to cuddle on the bed with us and sometimes tries to jump onto the bed,even though it's way to high for her.When people ask where I got her I make sure to tell them from the wonderful people at Texas tiny pigs. Thank you so much for giving me my precious little piggy.In the future I'd like to get another one to keep her company.

Krystin Braverman

We got our little Hammy a few weeks ago. He's a wonderful addition to the family! He's finally 100% comfortable and so sweet. He loves to snuggle and play with me and my daughter. I'm very glad that I found this website and that I found Hamlet. Thank you guys so much! I look forward to adopting another buddy in the future!!!


Happy Mommy

We have had our sweet little girl piggie for about a month now. She sure did not like to use her litter box by itself only in her Kennel. So, we taught her to use the doggy door. She picked this up real quick and goes out with the dogs. It is so cute! I think she thinks she is a dog. She trys to jump up on the couch & even scratches at our legs when she wants up.At bed time we give her a couple of Cherrios which she goes into her kennal, eats the Cherrios & sleeps all night. She loves to investigate everything when on the floor. But as soon as we pick her up, she loves to cuddle either in or under our arms with her head covered.At times even walking up our chest & laying on our shoulders or back of our neck.Little Bella-T is such a joy. We love her & are very happy with her. Ray & Ruby Powell proud parents of Bella-T

Ruby Powell


Well its been a week and a half sense we got Tucker. OMG he is so much fun, we are so glad we found Texas Tiny Pigs to get him from. Ive been telling everyone.He is such a hoot and a nice addition to our family. We cant have kids so he is our new baby,along with our other animals. Thanks again will update later.



We are so happy with our piglet Jasper! He is a joy and certainly has a personality all his own, and he's not afraid to remind you of it. The breeders here at Texas Tiny Pigs had no problem answering my millions of questions and were insanely helpfull. Whenever I am out with our little spotted boy and someone asks where we got him, I make sure to tell them it was here at TTP. I appreciate all the work that goes into breeding these amazing piglets and definently want to keep up the breed standard. Thank you so much for our baby Texas Tiny Pigs. He is a great and wonderful addition to our family.

The Wagner Family

Great Little Piggies

We got Edgar almost a month ago, and he is the funniest and sweetest pet you could ever imagine. My babies love him, and he follows us all over the house. He has very few accidents, and they only happen when he's busy playing with my two year old and gets too far away from the litter box. He even gives my 6 month old son kisses! :) Thank you Texas Tiny Pigs for a beautiful, social, healthy baby pig. I can guarantee we'll be back to get a buddy for Edgar within the next few years.


Happy Pig Mommy

I recieved Nelly about 2 weeks ago and she is such a joy!! her own personality is starting to show and she is very social with everyone she follows me everywhere around the house and we are working on mastering the stairs. Thank you so much for everything!


happy piggy mommy!!

Thank you texas tiny pigs for making my daughter's dream come true for christmas. We recieved Buggs 3 days ago and he has been nothing but a loving little cuddle bug! My husband was not so sure about all of this, but has already fell in love with buggs and it has already made our christmas that much brighter. Thanks for litterbox training the little guy. Thank you again texas tiny pigs for being so easy to work with and delivering our family with such an awesome pet!! Merry Christmas! Angie

Bugg's New Mom

I love my new piglet!

We got Beans a week ago. He is an absolute JOY!!! I can't say enough good things about Texas Tiny Pigs. Really if you are thinking about getting a Tiny Pig, this is the place to get one. They are there to answer all your questions, no matter how silly. And after reading the free piggy give away e-mails, I am blown away at what a good breeder we found. Thank you SOOOOO much Texas Tiny Pigs, you really are the best.

Christina McMenamy


Tater Tot is our little guy that is just so sweet and smart. My husband was dead set against a getting a piggie but he fell in love with Tater immediately!! On day 3 we taught him several tricks and he gives us "sugar" and even talks to us!! These women at TTP love all of their babies. I was so impressed at where the breeders reside and greeted us with all of their own personalites. We will be back with TTP for our next piggie!!


Happy Piggie Family

I wrote about Tilly awhile back, but wanted to send an update. She is completly housebroken, she was using and litter box at first and now goes completly outside. We got her harness trained so that we can take her to our beach house and we can take her potty there and who knows maybe a walk on the beach...(don't see to many pigs on the beach). She still does not like to be held but follows us everywhere, she's always underfoot. She is like having a 2 year old..if she's too quite she's probably up to something, in fact she's untying my shoes right now. We love her and would love to get her a tiny buddy in the future.

Kim Schaper

Tillys Mom

I wrote a testimonial about a month and a half ago when I got Ziggy the piggy, but I wanted to do another one now that he has been with us for a little while. He is so sweet, lovable and great with my kids (2 & 5). He is completely house-trained and very quiet. He is very playful & yet very cuddly! Ziggy is the best pet I've ever had (and I've had A LOT of pets)! Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE my cats, dogs & ferrets, but my husband and I joke that we're now "pig people" instead of "dog people" or "cat people"! When we are ready to bring another member into our family, it will definitely be another Texas Ting Pig!

Alison Eitzmann

Still 100% Happy!!!

We recieved our piggy (Delilah) last night and were so excited. After taking her home she has been nothing but a cuddle bug since. We also have an11 year old boxer (Hera) and Delilah has had a blast following her around. We were nervous about the potty training but delilah has had no problems; she has had no accidents. The first time we brought her outside she followed Hera around the yard and went to the bathroom right along side of her. She has done the same each time so far. She is very delightful and has drawn much attention from the people in our neighborhood who all find her adorable. She is an amazing addition to our family and we abosolutely lover her to death already. She is so well behaved, being soo friendly and cuddly. She comes when we call her name and seems to enjoy lounging out on the pillows on our couch. We showed her how to climb up on the couch using a blanket as a ramp and has done it on her own every time since. She is a happy little oinking pig. Thank you!!

Ashley and Jared

Happy New Parents

We have had Tilly for 9 days now... She is totally litter box trained and we are working on her going outdoor to potty. I was surprised at how easily she went in her litter box, we have a 6 yr old male potbelly and we could never get him potty trained. She is really little and hilarious.. she loves to play with toys and chases our 5 yr old daughter around everywhere with her tail constantly wagging. We have taught her to give kisses and are working on sit... she still doesn't like to be held but she is becoming more friendly...

Kim Schaper

Piggy Mom

Rooty is amazing and such a blessing. We had the opportunity to actually visit the farm in Texas while passing through and were very satisfied with what we saw. The pigs were happy, healthy, and most importantly, friendly. When Rooty arrived he was just perfect. He uses a "potty pad" and goes outdoors and has yet to have an "accident" inside. He likes people and is getting use to our other pets. He is easily entertained and is really the best little thing ever.

Cassandra C

Rooty is the BEST!

Our piggie (Jelly Belly Bean) arrived less than a month ago and has become another wonderful member of our family! He is so smart, cute, and his personality is great! His potty training is coming along quickly and he LOVES to cuddle with us on the couch during movie watching. He enjoys playing with our dogs, being outside, cuddle time, and of course, meal time! Thank you so much Texas Tiny Pigs for a wonderful new pet and family member!


Proud Piggie Mommy

Our piggy (Ziggy) arrived last night and we could not be happier. First of all, before his arrival, all of my questions were answered promptly and I was really helped through this process. Ziggy was a little scared when he first arrived, but he warmed up to the whole family so quickly! By this morning he was cuddling in my lap as well as the laps of both my young kids. He is so sweet! And, he has not had one accident. We're using puppy pads for his potty spot and he has gone on it every single time! It's amazing how something so tiny (and he is absolutely teeny tiny) could be trained already. We really couldn't be happier with him. Thank you Texas Tiny Pigs!

Alison Eitzmann

Happy Pig Mommy

We have several freinds with mini pigs, one is even a breeder. We studied every site and every breeder. Tx Tiny pigs recommends you see all her breeders and are true to their word. They help walk you thru any questions and concerns even after you have recieved your piglet. We love our new addition to our family " Mini Pearl" We would reccomend Tx Tiny Pigs to everyone wanting to make the right decision the first time. No surprises here. They stand by their word!

Sidney / Hannah

Very Satisfied

we came and visited your farm last weekend and picked out our new piglet we were so impressed with the enviroment the pigs are kept in They were just the size you said they would be and we cant wait to come back and pick up our precious baby. thank you for being so kind and letting us spend the time that we needed to pick out just the right piglet

Diane Westbrook

very impressed

I have yet to recieve my tiny little piglet but i can already tell the dedication of these women to their piglets. They have answered all my questions and concerns of being a first time pig owner. I call every day to check on our little man whom we have named link and they are always so nice and dont hesitate to give me a detailed report on how he is doing and when he will be here. I will be recommending them to tons of my friends and will eventually come back to them for another little angel! Thank you ladies for making my childhood dream of owning a tiny piglet come true! :)

Kristina Rook

Big Dreams 4 a Tiny pig

This entire piggy adoption process has been amazing! From the moment I enquired about little "Wilbur" on the website- to the minute he arrived to his new home in Los Angeles! Ashleigh was a pleasure to do business with- she was helpful, always returned my calls, and answered ALL of my questions about the little piggies. I had been looking for a while, and some of the breeders out there are nightmares! Wanting to give the piggies away at 2 weeks- and wanting money via Western Union immediately. I am so happy with my little piggy, and he is everything and more than I ever dreamed he would be. He is so loving, so cute, so well behaved... He is the best! I cannot thank Texas Tiny Pigs enough!!!!!

Debbie Haderle

Extremely Satisfied Customer!

Thank you so much for Wilbur! We LOVE him! He loves our dogs, and our kids, and has fit in great!!! He is so easy to take care of and has such a sweet disposition. I can't believe how he is already housebroken. And what a personality!!!


Thanks for our piggy! She was alot smaller than I thought she would be. Shes doing really good..she is my little brothers best friend! We also take her to a retirement home so the residents can see her..she makes their day!

Jessica Dykstra

Thank you so much for our new little girl! She is such a DOLL! To top it off, she came completely housetrained!! It was amazing. Thank you so much for all that you do! We love our little Angel and could not be happier! She is a dream come true! You guys have truly made this all so easy! The weekly updates and new pictures were wonderful while we were waiting on our piglet. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jessica Durgen

We LOVE our piggy!!!

We could not be happier with our little Hamlet. He is so sweet! My husband and I were so impressed with Texas Tiny Pigs. We were slightly nervous to make such a large purchase online but all our worries were for nothing. Ashleigh answered all our questions and reassured us that we would receive a healthy and happy pig, and we did! I do not hesitate to recommend this breeder to anyone who might be thinking about purchasing a piggy. They truly know this business and it is obvious they care for these piggies very much. When the weather was bad in Waco and my baby's flight was delayed, Ashleigh went and picked him up. She rescheduled his flight for the next day so he would not be kenneled at the airport overnight. That is dedication! Hamlet has brought us such joy and is such a cuddler! Thank you Texas Tiny Pigs!!!

Katy and Ryan Morlok

Happy Pig Parents in MN

Just wanted to say I appreciated reading your hit back at the folks trying to discredit you. It makes me all the more willing to purchase from you. I have written previously to ask if I could visit your home/facility to see the parents of the piglets and overall operations to ensure the micro pigs were raised in a loving and healthy environment. Ashleigh responded with a resounding "Yes!". This is exactly what I wanted to hear and you can be sure my piggy purchases will be with you. I encourage anyone else to read carefully what Texas Tiny PIgs offers that no one else has the courage to. If it appears prices are a little higher than other breeders - no one can put a price on health and human bonding. Thanks for being there, I look forward to my visit to your home in the very near future.


Thank you so much for the new piglet that I got from you. I was so pleased to see all of your adult pigs and the conditions they are kept in. Who could of thought that so many pigs in the house would be so clean! I love the baby I got from you. He is so tiny and i could not have asked for a better piglet. He came into his new home and used his litterbox immediately! He is soooo tiny too! Thank u! Thank u! Thank u for our new baby!

Karen Johnson

Very satisfied customer

If you are doing research and are wondering if these are true mini pigs don't think twice because they are. Their pictures do them no justice I went to pick my two babies up and they are so much smaller then the pictures make them look and so cute. I am so pleased with the babies but most of all the support and help given by the breeders. They are always there to help even with the simple questions and they are honest unlike the last breeder I bought from. Thank you so much Texas Tiny Pigs I finally got a true tiny tiny pig.

The Pogue Family

Very Happy Customer

Never expected to have such and easy time with our piggy. Transportation worked out great. We got a healthy and happy pig. Hasn't had an accident in the house, goes out and uses the bathroom everytime. Harness training well. She is so much fun and so funny. So much more than we expected. Thanks so much!!!!!!

Anne Fulcher

Super Happy Customer

we've had our pam a month now we love her soooo much .we've taught her to sit and sit up.she is really funny and fun. thank you for our little girl. we could not be happier.

paul and jill schmader

our pig pam

Thank you so much for Daisy. She is a wonderful girl and has trained so easy. Thanks for being there for questions I had before and after I received her. Will return to buy another and will refer yall to all my friends and family.

Christie Addison

proud mama

you have made one of my biggest childhood dreams come true! i saw pics of my baby girl chayenne,but was shocked to see such a beautiful baby.she made our family soooo happy ,i want to thank you ladies for all the special help you gave guys are special and i am so pleased i will definiteley keep in touch-you have such a gift and i'm thankful that our family gets to share in it.we are nervous because she's tiny-but we know your always there-so THANKYOU-----THE HARMAN FAMILY

jenny harman

dream come true

I have purchased a few of the Texas Tiny Pigs for my breeding program and could not be happier. They are turning out to be tiny and darling. Everything they told me has been right on spot. They are honest and more then happy to do whatever it takes to make getting a healthy, happy little piglet to you. I am so glad to be able to say that I have brought Texas Tiny Pigs into my breeding program. Quality is what I strive for and with the size, colors and temperment of her piglets I can only say that quality is what I have gotten.


Breeder who is totally satisfied

Texas Tiny Pigs was very prompt in their responses to me - even though they felt them to be delayed and they were always patient and took time to answer my questions and concerns. And the little piglet I have is of course the cutest and sweetest of all, which I imagine all of the new owners will think when they get one of these little ones.


Texas Tiny Pigs is more than just a business,i have not recieved my baby girl yet,but these people put their heart into raising these piggies .they reassure me that I will have a healthy baby & that they will be here if i need anything,and trust me I must contact them daily and they reply very kindly.I am already satisfied. thank you ladies

jenny harman


We love our little piglet. Thank you again!

The Jones Family

I will send more pictures of Bacon soon. He is just over a year old and only 21lbs. We couldnt picture our lives without him. Thanx

Mr & Mrs Cook

I love the babies I got from you. They are the best. Thanks again for allowing me to purchase two of your babies. If we ever decide to get another one, it will come from you. I tell everyone about you and your pigs!


new piggy parent

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