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There are several different names floating around for these piggies; Pixies, Wees, Pocket Pigs, Dandies... No matter what a particular breeder decides to call their piggies, you need to know what size class they are in.

We specialize in the micro & teacup size classes & this is how we scale our piggies:

(These are sizes and not considered breeds) For more information on our most popular breeds, check out "Juliana vs Mini Pig". 

Micros are the smallest you can get. They range in size from 11" - 15" tall at the shoulder. (Super micros will be on the smaller end of this scale. Usually always under 13" tall at the shoulder). This size can be compared to a small beagle or english bulldog.

Tea cups are the next size up and range in weight from 55-100lbs as an 18 month old adult and are 16-18" at the shoulder.

Miniatures are between 100-175lbs as an 18 month old adult and are 16-18" tall at the shoulder. The pot bellied pig, also known as the Vietnamese Pot Belly is normally this size.  

There are several different breeds of miniature pigs available. Some breeders are crossing the breeds & forming their own breed of pig. Ask what percentage their piglets are and of what breed... They should know... After all, they are the ones breeding them :). 

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