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Juliana Pigs:

Occasionally they are mentioned as being mini Juliana or mini painted pigs. This breed should always be spotted, BOTH parents must be spotted and have documented lineage. Pure bred Julianas are fairly rare and the last 5 years, every breeder with a spotted pig has a "juliana". Many feral breeds as we all pot bellied pigs have spots. Just because the piglet is spotted does not make it a purebred Juliana. 

They are one of the oldest breeds of pigs. The breed has been endangered many times. They were imported from Europe. Please beware of cross bred animals. Many times people who can not find or afford a breeding pair will cross breed them with potbellies to try to produce more colorful pigs. All piglets in a litter as well as the parents should be spotted. Spots can be on the skin or hair. If you run across a breeder advertising a "Juliana piglet" and it is a solid color - run the other way. They do not know what they are doing and have no business breeding miniature pigs. A good breeder is an educated breeder & an educated breeder knows what they have as far as genetics, bloodlines, etc. 90% of miniature pig breeders today can not even tell you what breed of pig they are producing.

Göttingen Minipig (Mini Pig) is a breed of miniature swine developed specifically for use in biomedical research. The Göttingen Minipig is best known for its exceptionally small size and its very clean and well-characterized health status. Development of this breed began in the late 1960s at the Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics at the University of Göttingen , Germany, by crossbreeding the Minnesota minipig, the pot bellied pig and the German Landrace pig. Today the Göttingen Minipig is bred at four separate locations globally and is used in life-saving biomedical research all over the world. They have been a vital part of learning and beneficial to gun shot and burn victims, diabetics, heart disease and transplants, dietary advances, and genetics. 

We will typically cross breed the Juliana pig and the mini pig to obtain the small size and personality of the Juliana pig. Most people find the "deer like" appearance of the Juliana undesirable, yet they want the tiny size. The mini pig has a short, squared off snout, tiny short legs and a "box like" body. Most piglets, other than color, look alike as babies. A good breeder will be able to tell you after the first two weeks (after birth) which piglets will display certain traits.

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