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All of our breeders are over 2 years old and vet checked healthy and fit to breed before any planned breedings take place. All of our piggie's are registered stock with the TPRA. None of our Micro & Teacup breeders are over 15" tall at the highest point on their back. All are social and treated like members of the family.

In some of the pictures below, we added an adult size small flip flop to help with a size refrence.

The red boar pictured below is 9 years old and is 11" tall at the shoulder. He is 35lbs

The little girl in the photo is 32" tall. All of the piggies around her are our adult breeders. They are all over 18 months old. These guys are TINY!

From the bottom of the feeder (barrel) to the ground is 36".

As you can see, all of our breeders are very small. The largest pig in this picture is 35-40lbs or about the size of a cocker spaniel.

Pictured below is "Cotton" he is an adult SUPER MICRO weighing only 10lbs. He is full Juliani.

Pictured below is a MICRO SIZED Ossabaw Island pig. She weighs about 18-20lbs at a year old.

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