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Ok - Mr. Joe Average is looking for a miniature pig. Why should he care from which type of breeder he obtains his piglet from? If you have come this far, chances are your a bit more educated than the average guy about buying a piglet. First of all, you know what a micro or miniature pig is, a very large percentage of the population cannot claim that. Second, you've taken the time to get on the internet and research the breed and breeders. So why not take that extra step to greatly increase your chances of buying a quality pig? Breeders who have taken the time to make sure that their breeding stock is free from hereditary diseases are more likely to produce piglets that are free of diseases and thus reduce any undue long term financial burden on the buyers. 

Eventually, most buyers will also consider the other factors in buying a piglet: cost, availability, and distance. With regard to cost, one must also consider the possible long term costs that an unhealthy piglet could bring to a family. I've also found that the less than stellar breeders will often charge the same prices for their pigs as the breeder who has spent thousands of dollars to produce ONE litter. Why? Because they can! They know that there are buyers out there that will not know the different between litter A and litter B, so why not demand the same price as obviously there are buyers willing to pay that price. Some breeders may be willing to work with the buyer with payments over a period of time. Don't be afraid to ask. With regard to availability, one must understand that TRUE micro minis can be hard to come by, and the RIGHT piglet from the RIGHT breeder could take even longer. It is COMMON for piglet buyers to be placed on waiting lists. And with regard to distance, it is also possible that the right piglet from the right breeder is in Texas and you are in New York. Most miniature pig breeders are experienced shippers, and there are many other ways of getting a piglet from A to B.

Do lots of research & ask as many questions as you can. A good breeder wont mind answering them. If there are no photos of adult pigs on their website- move on down the list. They have something to hide.

Are their piglets vet checked prior to leaving? Are they dewormed? If the answers are 'no', then look elsewhere.

Are health guarantees offered with their piglets? Is there documented paperwork stating the TRUE ages of their breeders? Do they know the height and weight of their breeders? Have their breeders been vet checked and cleared to breed? .... I think you know what to do if the answers are 'no'.

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